“A new romance star is born….and her name is Judi Fennell.” ~  Jill Barnett, NYT best-selling author

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Sweet as Candy

[a BeefCake, Inc. (very) short]

Candy has been misjudged her entire life, thanks to the blonde hair, pretty face, and kickass body Mother Nature has bestowed upon her, and, in her experience, most men can’t see beyond them to the woman inside.

So when sexy exotic dancer Jaden Carter offers her some dopey pick-up line, she’s not interested.

Well, in the pick-up line. In him? Totally different story. She’s been watching him for weeks at the BeefCake, Inc. shows. But only the man why appreciates her brains will be the guy to win her heart.

But then Jaden asks her question and she realizes that no one should ever judge a book by its (very sexy) cover.

***This is a very short taste of the guys of BeefCake, Inc. — Bon appetit!


Beefcake & Snowflakes

Gina Taormina had a crush on Darien Foster since before she could remember until the day he’d humiliated her in school. Fifteen years later, the sight of him still leaves her cold.

Exotic dancer Darien has come back to town to set a few things to rights. One of those is the mess he made for Gina during their teenage years… and maybe rekindle the flames they’d once had.

But the only way to melt the snow around Gina’s heart is to turn up the heat, both on the job… and off.