Novel in a Nutshell: The Nuts & Bolts of Writing Romance

A two-hour interactive workshop. Bring your first chapter and review the elements necessary to make a story work in today’s market and give it that extra something. Don’t know what POV is? Head-hopping? Voice? A hook? You will by the end of this workshop given by award-winning author of paranormal romantic comedies, Judi Fennell.


Ultimate Submission: Create the Perfect Package

Five questions. Answer those and you’ve got all you need to create the ultimate query. But don’t stop there. Six questions will lead you to synopsis nirvana. Think that perfect submission is out of reach? Judi Fennell and Stephanie Julian will show you how to achieve query and synopsis domination in this interactive workshop.


The Deep End of the Swimming Pool: Sinking or Swimming with POV

Point of View is the way your characters tell the story, but when so many of them are talking in your head, how do you know which one to pick and make it the most effective way to tell the story? Dive in to the pool of rules and techniques to learn how to swim with the POV fishes.