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February, 2010



Angel Tritone, Mer princess, has always been fascinated by Humans to the chagrin of her brother, the High Councilman of the Mer World. So when she flees a hammerhead stalker and ends up in the arms of a Human, she sees this as her chance to take the initiative for Mer-Human relations.

But which kind of relations is she talking about?

Logan Hardington is living the dream. Single, successful and never hard up for a date. Everything a thirty-four year old guy could want.

Then a love child he never knew is dropped on his doorstep and suddenly Logan is trading corporate jets for model planes, incentive trips for field trips and evenings with the ladies for evenings with babysitters. What he needs is someone to keep his life on an even keel.

Problem is, Logan isn't sure if Angel is just one more fish in the sea or... the Catch of a Lifetime.


A mermaid in his boat, an      

adventure under the sea...










There was a naked woman on his boat.

Logan Hardington shook his head and rubbed his eyes, but the picture didn’t change. Lady Godiva was sprawled over a pillow on his deck, a navy blue blanket draped over the bottom half of the curviest ass he’d seen in a long while.

Long, blonde—almost yellow—loose curls tumbled over creamy shoulders all the way down to that blanket, the ends pooling in the dimples above her ass, some strands twirling along the visible portion of her cleft near the light blue markings of a faded bruise.

Shapely legs, one slightly bent, only a shade or two darker than the fiberglass boat deck, trailed from beneath the blanket, one small foot flexing in the soft morning breeze. A hint of upturned nose peeked from beneath the blonde jumble, pink lips pursed in sleep, slender fingers disappearing beneath her cheek. He wondered what color her eyes were.

And why she was naked.

On his boat.

Hungry gulls cawed overhead, but she didn’t stir. The wake from McKye’s charter jostled the Mir-a-Mar as the day’s fishing tour set out, but that didn’t rouse her either.

Oh hell. She was probably a drunk co-ed who’d followed some “sailor” home. He’d seen that walk of shame many mornings. Didn’t these people think of the repercussions?

Logan looked back down the pier where his son, Michael, chatted with Tony as the wizened old salt chopped chum, and Logan smiled. Ah, the things he would have loved to have seen as a boy. The things he should have been able to show Michael from day one—

And would have if his ex-girlfriend had only mentioned a little thing like a pregnancy…

Logan tamped down the anger at Christine—who, according to his son, now went by Rainbow for God-only-knew-what reasons—and focused instead on the next female to make him wonder what men ever saw in women.

Then Lady Godiva moved and the blanket slipped to the side and Logan knew exactly what men saw in women.

But not what he wanted his son to see. No matter how much Logan wanted to savor the image.

“Hey, um… Miss.” Logan hunkered down and shook one of those shapely legs.

She mumbled something and flipped her head the other way, a tangle of hair tickling his arm. Logan pulled his hand back and captured the curls as they slid across his palm. Silky. Soft. The way a woman’s hair should be.

He blinked. What the hell was he doing thinking about her hair? She was naked, for God’s sake, and his six-year-old was going to get one hell of a birthday present if she didn’t wake up and cover herself.

“Miss, wake up.” Logan shook her shoulder, glancing back to Michael. Thank God Tony had a ton of fish tales to keep the boy occupied.

The woman sighed, and her shoulder slid beneath his fingertips. Her skin was just as soft and silky as her hair.

He should not be noticing.

“Lady, you really need to get up.” Not that getting up was a problem he seemed to be having. Christ. How long had it been if he was getting hard over the naked back of a lush?

Then she rolled over.






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