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"Entertaining and funny. This series is one for the keeper shelf." 

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"If you're in the market for a magically charming read, Judi Fennell is a must!" 

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"Filled with mythical creatures, amazing scenes and well-crafted hot sex scenes... a fun, diversionary tale." 

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"A fantasy getaway full of whishes and breathtaking sex. ...Another exceptional and adorable story of wishes and magic...Don't miss this one!" 

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"Original and fresh... Takes paranormal to a different level. A novel that paranormal fans won't soon forget. Brilliant." 

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"The story reads like a light-hearted sitcom, full of humorous situations with a side of danger." 




"Original and fresh... Takes paranormal to a different level. A novel that paranormal fans won't soon forget. Brilliant." 

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"This is a story that you will want to read more than once" 

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November 2011


Be careful what you wish for...

Samantha Blaine is about to make a fateful discovery. A tall, dark, handsome, ohmygosh kind of fateful discovery...

Kal is very pleased to meet his attractive new master--especially since he intends to seduce her into granting him freedom. 

But when seriously dark magic spells trouble for both of them, Kal can't help himself from falling for the woman who holds his fate in her hands...

Warmly acclaimed by readers and critics alike, Judi Fennell brings to life a fabulous world of magic and mayhem where wishes come true in the most unexpected ways!


"Fennell follows I Dream of Genies (Jan. 2011) with the charming story of heiress Samantha Blaine, whose life changes abruptly when she discovers a genieís lamp inside her deceased fatherís safe. Before you can say abracadabra, Samanthaís off to the land of Izaaz with genie Kal, launching a madcap romp through pop culture references, sparkly things, and general magical mayhem. Samantha struggles to cope with narcoleptic trolls, quarreling dragon spouses, and battling leprechauns and gnomes. When her former fiancť turns up with some magical items of his own, she must gain confidence in herself (with a little help from the seductive Kal, who makes even orange curly-toed slippers sexy) to thwart his ambitious schemes. Fennellís light and lively writing is full of humor and cleverness, and the occasional tributes to fantasy classics add extra fun to the spicy story."


- Publishers Weekly, 9/5/11




Samantha Blaine is tired of being courted solely for her money, and when she discovers during her beloved fatherís wake that her almost-fiancť Albert despises her and is only using her to gain control of her fatherís lucrative business empire, she decides to take action. An impulsive wish on the lantern found in her fatherís safe lands her in legendary Izaaz. There she encounters such mythological creatures as leprechauns, trolls, wyverns, and unicorns as well as a handsome genie, whose 2,000-year sentence will be up as soon as he satisfies her wishes. Samanthaís tentative journey to self-awareness is coupled with sizzling sexual tension, plenty of humor, and a soupÁon of suspense engendered by Albertís villainous pursuit. Readers who loved I Dream of Genies will love the second in Fennell's fanciful romantic comedy series."


- Lynne Welch, Booklist, 12/1/10



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