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When Eden, a genie sentenced to her bottle for killing her previous master, suddenly finds herself freed 1400 years early, she knows it’s only a matter of time before Faruq, vizier to the High Master, tracks her down. Being magical, that shouldn’t be a problem, however, she A) lost her bottle and whoever controls that control her, B) wears the gold bracelets that act like homing devices, letting Faruq easily know exactly where she is and C) has lost her ability to perform magic so now things start happening and appearing when they shouldn’t.

Matt Ewing, rescuer extraordinaire of lost cats and damsels in distress, offers to help her out—until she ruins his business, steals his cat, and puts him at the mercy of spurned-suitor Faruq.

Throw in a cat with an agenda, and a chase through the magical city in the Sahara, and Eden and Matt must outwit Faruq to escape with their freedom, their lives, and their love.





Reviewers say:


"Ripe with one liners, unpredictable predicaments, Genie on the run, poor sap as a hero that just can't seem to keep his flag from flying at full mast and a array or quirky hilarious characters.  This goes from giggle mode to all out laughter in less time than it takes to snap your fingers."





"This story is absolutely delightful, complete with incredible sex on a flying blanket amid the stars. Eden's magic gone awry, along with her butterflies and baby dragon, will keep readers amused and completely enthralled in the cutest story ever. This is such a stunning creation."

Fresh Fiction



 "...a tale that shimmers, shines, sparkles and sizzles."

Long and Short Reviews


"A light and breezy read for all... The author uses humor with misfire wishes and talking cats to amuse the reader to the very last page. Well done Judi Fennell!"

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"I Dream of Genies is a dream come true!"

Cheryl's Book Nook


"A fun, quirky story."

Michelle's Book Blog


"A fun twist on a genie book... a delight to read."

Broken Teepee



"Ms. Fennell's books are pure fun."

Anna's Book Blog


"One of the more beautiful aspects of this novel (is) the details. Judi Fennell describes new places... with a finesse that can only come from a talented author with an outstanding imagination. Books like (this) are what give the meaning to escapist literature."


Jessica Hastings. Laugh Love Write



"Way cute. Full of vivid imagination and totally good scenes." 


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"A book that gives us something different. A story full of charm and adventure"


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"Will capture your heart. A wonderful book with just enough romance, fun and charm to keep you wishing for more."


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Sourcebooks, Inc.

January, 2011

ISBN#: 9781402241895


He needs to change his luck,

and fast!

Matt Ewing would gladly hunt down a fortune in lucky pennies if he thought it would help save his business.

But for all his hoping, Matt’s clueless when his long awaited lucky charm falls in his lap in the form of a beguiling genie. He just can’t believe that this beautiful woman could be the answer to his prayers…


Shes been bottled up

for far too long!

Spending 2,000 years in a bottle would make any woman go a little stir crazy. So when Matt releases Eden from her luxurious captivity, she’s thrilled to repay him by giving him the magical boost he needs…

But for all her good intentions, Eden’s magical prowess is a little rusty and her magical mistakes become more than embarrassing. And though Eden knows falling in love will end her magic and immortality, she can’t help but be drawn to the one man who wants her just for herself…



"Cute as a pink Persian kitten, this scamper of a romance is populated by a whimsical cast of characters: Humphrey the baby dragon, Obo the talking cat, a villainous vizier, a cross-dressing High Master genie, the Egyptian goddess Bastet, and a hunky carpenter. Centuries-old genie Eden (her name one of several nods to the book's namesake TV show) escapes her bottle only to fall for Matt Ewing, the handsome jogger she's been watching from her glass prison's position in the window of Murphy's Antiques. When Eden's magic malfunctions, the nonstop cinematic gee-whiz results will keep the reader enraptured. Fennell (Catch of a Lifetime) also tosses in sultry sex scenes, a bubble-gum–sweet but passionate romance, quick-moving action, and a variety of puns and riddle-making beasts, many of which are sure to reappear in the two planned sequels."

Publishers' Weekly


Sentenced to 3,000 years in her bottle for the accidental death of her master, Eden finds herself unexpectedly free after only 1,797 years. And in the lap of handsome and sexy millwright Matt Ewing, whom she has desired since first seeing him walk by the dusty secondhand-shop window where she was ensconced. Now Matt, Eden, and Obo the cat must search for the elements (bracelets, bottle, and bottle stopper) that will free her forever from the evil and disgusting Vizier Faruq’s plans to sexually enslave her. Fennell’s sexy contemporary romp, set variously on the West Coast and the legendary Al-Jannah, takes its cue from Barbara Eden’s indelible television role, but with enough original touches, careful research, and world building to make this tale—the first in a trilogy set around jinn wrongly accused under an archaic legal system—pure fun.


- Lynne Welch, Booklist, 12/1/10


"I Dream of Jeannie meets Indiana Jones, and the action is on! Judi Fennell’s latest, I Dream of Genies, is rip-roaring fun from the very first page—filled with magic, mayhem and mystery, with two of the most engaging lead characters ever written. When dreamy contractor Matt and homeless, on-the-run genie Eden aren’t setting off sparks—or butterflies—they’re dodging magic, fending off the evil Faruq or feeding one of the magical critters Eden accidentally conjures up with magic gone haywire. Filled with laughs, action, and an absolutely magical romance, this book is one for the keeper shelf."  

-Kate Douglas, bestselling author of Wolf Tales and The DemonSlayers

"You will want to believe in magic!"

            -NYT bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks


"Fun and flirty. Judi Fennell will make you believe in genies, dragons, and the magic of happily ever after."


-Jennifer Estep

author of the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series




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