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Another great Literacy Signing Video 2011 (especially @1:14 in!)


I Dream of Genies won Book of the Week

 on LongAndShortReviews.blogspot.com, 

and they made up this video. Turn your volume 

down if you're at work. Click to watch.



RITA-NOMINATED, Dana Marton's first book in her Defending the Crown series, SAVED BY THE MONARCH, (May 2009) featured the heroine, Princess Judi. Yes, I have been elevated to royalty, courtesy of my good friend, Dana! 






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Romantic Times Convention, 2010

jimmy thomas.jpg (41612 bytes)  Romantic Times Pictures

Authors After Dark, 2009

me at book signing.JPG (4107494 bytes) Authors After Dark

RWA National, 2009

Stella Cameron.JPG (3804241 bytes) RWA Wednesday, Stella Cameron, Literacy Signing

CIMG0003.JPG (4337873 bytes) RWA Thursday, Janet Evanovich

CIMG0011.JPG (4146518 bytes) RWA Friday, Sourcebooks Dinner

CIMG0008.JPG (4091868 bytes) RWA Saturday, Rita/GH Awards


Romantic Times Convention, 2009

I have a ton of pictures from the convention uploaded to my blog, so these are the links by day. Please feel free to leave a comment!

Charles Paz.JPG (3974977 bytes) EC Party and Epub Expo

Cover Model Jimmy Thomas.JPG (3022366 bytes) Cover Models

Covers Judi 1.JPG (2125507 bytes) Our Turn To Be Cover Models

American Title III, IV, V -  Helen Scott Taylor, Judi Fennell, Marie-Claude Bourque.JPG (4176760 bytes) Authors Galore


New Jersey Conference, 2008

DSC00053.JPG (1529197 bytes) LScottoline2.JPG (3895294 bytes) DSC00047.JPG (1677965 bytes) DSC00055.JPG (1468205 bytes)

Virginia Kantra,     Judy Spagnola,    Daria Yanez, Robin   Ann LaBar Russek

me, Eloisa James   Lisa Scottoline    Lanier, Ann LaBar      Eloisa James

                                  me                     Russek, Adele 

                                                        Dubois, Robin Kaye

Wombatogether, San Francisco, 2008

Sausalito Wombatogether 005.JPG (699857 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 006.JPG (716425 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 007.JPG (1761766 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 017.JPG (1519231 bytes)

Dana & Lisa Fredsti    friend & Dave      The Wombats       Wombats again

 Sausalito Wombatogether 020.JPG (1706200 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 022.JPG (1713161 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 023.JPG (1734947 bytes) Sausalito Wombatogether 024.JPG (814524 bytes)

   Dana & Dave       Brenda & John    with our waiter      Judy & Ken Coffman

RWA National, 2008

Wednesday July 30 2008 003.JPG (557246 bytes) Wednesday July 30 2008 002.JPG (1632967 bytes)  Wednesday July 30 2008 007.JPG (1720768 bytes) Wednesday July 30 2008 011.JPG (1759751 bytes)

     agent Jen          Trish Milburn           no clue         agent Karen Solemn

     Schober          & Ruth Kaufman                                       & authors


Wednesday July 30 2008 016.JPG (1816825 bytes) Thursday July 31 daytime 001.JPG (357465 bytes) Thursday July 31 daytime 003.JPG (1699051 bytes) Thursday July 31 daytime 005.JPG (1647094 bytes)

   Robin Kaye     Stephanie Laurens          Melinda              VFRW Crew

                              & Julia Quinn            Stanley

Thursday July 31 daytime 011.JPG (1502739 bytes) Thursday July 31 daytime 014.JPG (1771111 bytes) Friday and Saturday 004.JPG (1703907 bytes) Friday and Saturday 007.JPG (1514108 bytes)

Starr Ambrose &        The Debs          Nancy Naigle        Starr Ambrose &

 Gina Robinson                                                             Meredith Duran

Chinatown 072808 007.JPG (1805238 bytes) Casablanca_gals.JPG (2290504 bytes) SANY0728.JPG (2541640 bytes) Ritas GHs 009.JPG (1702268 bytes)

  Jenny Gardiner      Casablanca          Deb Werksman     Sharyn Cerniglia

                                  Authors        & Dominique Raccah

Ritas GHs 001.JPG (1509332 bytes) Ritas GHs 004.JPG (1707909 bytes) Ritas GHs 005.JPG (1729569 bytes) Friday and Saturday 003.JPG (1811573 bytes)

     Vicki Lewis          Anne Stuart          Jo Beverly             Daria Yanez


the naked cowboy from NYC is in SF.JPG (1900734 bytes) beautiful house on Lombard.JPG (1867941 bytes) Wednesday July 30 2008 013.JPG (1816057 bytes) alcatraz 072908 014.JPG (1742881 bytes)

The Naked Cowboy    Lombard St.          Michele Young          Alcatraz

Long Island Luncheon, 2008

AVP last days of 5th Grade 2008 064.JPG (1730369 bytes) AVP last days of 5th Grade 2008 065.JPG (1543037 bytes) AVP last days of 5th Grade 2008 069.JPG (1664683 bytes) AVP last days of 5th Grade 2008 066.JPG (1722244 bytes)

   Daria Yanez         Carla Kempert       On Broadway         Steph, Jen &

Stephanie Julian  Jen Blackwell-Yale                                    Carla

Romantic Times Convention, 2008

DSC00014.JPG (1698620 bytes) DSC00015.JPG (1765178 bytes) DSC00018.JPG (1523576 bytes) DSC00019.JPG (1730284 bytes)

 EC Caveman,              RT Staff        Evonne Wareham     Trish Milburn

CJ Hollenbach                                                                 & Janice Lynn


DSC00022.JPG (1666609 bytes) DSC00024.JPG (1721942 bytes) DSC00029.JPG (1850546 bytes) fabio.jpg (1694215 bytes)

 Mr. Romance       Jenny Gardiner        Sy Garte &              Fabio

      2008               &  Liz French      Jill Lynn Anderson

RT Friday 042.JPG (1701187 bytes) RT Friday 047.JPG (1765758 bytes) RT Friday 048.JPG (1539852 bytes) RT Friday 049.JPG (1686041 bytes)

Stephanie Julian       Donna Michaels    Adele Dubois &      Christie Craig

& Jenny Gardiner       Adele, Steph           LA Banks             &  Jill Lynn

                           & Jen Blackwell-Yale                                   Anderson


RT Friday 050.JPG (1628082 bytes) AdrianPNinaRT[1].JPG (153310 bytes) from Jenny _ AT 1 2 3 4.jpg (180297 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 060.JPG (1656010 bytes)

Lindsey Brookes       Nina Davis &              Am. Title        Stephanie Julian

Helen Scott Taylor     Adrian Paul             I, II, III, IV


RT 2008 Wednesday 058.JPG (1903846 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 067.JPG (1501674 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 077.JPG (1846934 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 070.JPG (1266389 bytes)

  Adele Dubois           Kim Howe         Stephanie Julian    Adele, me, Steph


RT Friday 044.JPG (1580598 bytes) RT Friday 046.JPG (1758900 bytes) RT Friday 052.JPG (1733801 bytes) RT Friday 055.JPG (1574620 bytes)

  Gerri Russell            JL Wilson            Jill & friend       Jimmy Thomas & friend                                                                                    Me

RT Friday 058.JPG (1663857 bytes) RT Friday 066.JPG (1534247 bytes) RT Friday 076.JPG (1563276 bytes) RT Friday 081.JPG (1500905 bytes)

     Jill & Jason             Steph &              Fabio &              Fabio and Me

      Santiago               JR Ward           Kathryn Falk       

RT 2008 Wednesday 063.JPG (1720394 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 066.JPG (1635621 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 061.JPG (1722982 bytes) RT 2008 Wednesday 064.JPG (1667054 bytes)

  Rayna Vause       Donna Michaels      Lynne Connolly        Eve Vaughn  

Philly Writes! Conference, 2007

Luncheon.jpg (1627008 bytes) Mariah Stewart.jpg (1843837 bytes) Brenda Hiatt and Barbara Samuel.jpg (1627034 bytes) Kathy Kulig and Leslie Lighton.jpg (1846826 bytes)

VFRW Conference    Alice Wootson      Brenda Hiatt          Kathy Kulig

                              Mariah Stewart     Barbara Samuel     Leslie Lighton

Virginia McCullough.jpg (1724002 bytes) Frances Karkosak.jpg (1714372 bytes) Laura Graham Booth.jpg (1834052 bytes) Rish and Barbie.jpg (1689036 bytes)

     Virginia            Frances Karkosak   Laura Graham   Risha Parker Gordon   

  McCullough                                            Booth              Barbie Dickens

Romantic Times Convention, 2007

and the fun continues.jpg (1536300 bytes) AT3ers at Fairy Ball.jpg (1519980 bytes) Cynthia Breeding, Kim Howe.jpg (1307864 bytes) her first signing!.jpg (1751876 bytes)

       American Title III Finalists         Cynthia Breeding      Jenny Gardiner

                                                          Kim Howe              Gerri Russell 

Jenny, Liz French, Judi.jpg (1395123 bytes) Joy Nash.jpg (1786367 bytes) Judi Fennell, Lynne Connolly.jpg (1392207 bytes) Judi, Gerri Russell.jpg (1547492 bytes)

Jenny, Liz French      Joy Nash          Lynne Connolly       Gerri Russell 

Judi, Raz, Kim.jpg (1670773 bytes) Mr. Romance 2007, Judi Fennell.jpg (1312588 bytes) Raz and Judi.jpg (1232658 bytes) nice shot.jpg (1721547 bytes)

   Raz Steel          Mr. Romance 2007       Raz Steel           EC Cavemen

   Kim Howe          Jason Santiago              

2nd & 1st Place Fairy Ball.jpg (1762407 bytes) cute cover.jpg (1713297 bytes) Judi, Yvonne.jpg (1792666 bytes) Deb and Gerri.jpg (1648360 bytes)

 Tawny Taylor        Sleeping With         Eve Vaughn          Deb Parmley

                            Ward Cleaver                                     Gerri Russell

RWA National, 2007

GH Ritas 2007 020.jpg (1416608 bytes) GH Ritas 2007 025.jpg (1651152 bytes) GH Ritas 2007 034.jpg (1679363 bytes)

 Daria, Laura, me      Kate Carlisle        Robin Kaye 

   Robin, Steph 

RWA National, 2006

luncheon 4.jpg (6096 bytes) April Daria and Darias daughter.jpg (5557 bytes) Judi and Risha.jpg (5266 bytes) Marta and Steph.jpg (4766 bytes)

    VFRW Crew      April Fusek, Daria        Risha Parker         Dana Marton

                            Yanez & daughter            Gordon           Stephanie Julian




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