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November, 2009


    Rod Tritone, heir to the throne of the undersea world, needs a queen capable of ruling the oldest kingdom on earth. Someone regal, learned and of noble birth. Problem is, the only eligible noble-born Mer princess is half-Human - and she doesn't have a clue about the non-Human part.

       Valerie Dumere has screwed up her life at every turn, so when her mother dies and leaves her the family business, Val realizes it's up to her to buckle down and get her life on track. No more excuses.

       So when a guy shows up claiming to be her destiny, she scoffs. No way. She isn't running away from her responsibilities ever again - no matter how good the guy looks without a shirt.

       But Rod isn't going away. He can't claim his inheritance without her - and Val will lose hers if she goes with him.

       It's going to take one whale of a tale to get her to chuck it all and follow him off into the wild blue under...        


"Judi Fennell is a bright star on the horizon of romance.

-Judi McCoy, author of Hounding the Pavement

Reviewers say:


"Fennell returns with another underwater adventure, her second story about the Tritone brothers. She's proving herself to be a solid storyteller, and this tale is an enjoyable and pleasant read."

-Devon Paige, RT BookReviews


"Wild Blue Under" is the second book of author, Judi Fennell's Mer Trilogy, and the first of hers I have read and definitely won't be the last! This book was such a fun, delightful read."

-Jaime, Revenge of the Book Nerds


"Ms. Fennell did a wonderful job creating an underwater world with beauty, elegance, mystery and intrigue. Not only is Judi's underwater world a delight but she has a way with timing her plot that is amazing.

Bloody Bad


"I loved everything about this story. It will have you laughing and smiling and craving more from this fabulous new author." 



"Judi Fennellís books: Romance thatís funny, engaging, definitely hot, and makes you feel good when youíve finished the book. I loved it!"

Sia McKye Over Coffee


"Ms. Fennell pens a fun tale with hilarity and high jinks that will keep readers smiling through the most serious of scenes.  With a fast pace and its charming characters, Wild Blue Under is sure to please fans who enjoy a nice dose of humor with their romance."


"The second Tritone brother Mer urban-oceanic romantic fantasy is a terrific tale of the tail from the moment Rod arrives at the store knowing this canít be Atlantis. Fans will enjoy the amusing banter between the disbeliever and the Mer trying to convince her to dive into the ocean as his mate while a predator wants her dead. This is a fun fantasy with readers wondering whether Val will (realize) thereís no place like home when you are loved by the one you treasure."

Harriet Klausner


"Wild Blue Under is another under-the-sea adventure that is simply marvelous. Judi Fennel's imagination knows no bounds. If you're looking for a light romance with some comedy and a great plot, pick up WILD BLUE UNDER - there's nothing fishy about it!"

Wendy's Minding Spot


"Judi Fennellís world is like a breath of fresh air, bright and happy despite the danger and suspense."



"It just gets better and better in the Triton Trilogy. ďThe Little MermaidĒ has definitely grown up! Lots of humor, imagination, and hot sexual tension amongst these pages."



"Overall, Wild Blue Under is just an enjoyable read and is great for those winter days when you need a little sunshine to get through the day."

Literary Escapism


"This is truly a starfish in the sea of writings."



"Judi Fennell has written another unique look into Atlantis (and) weaves all the elements together so well that I never once doubted Atlantis exists."



"Wild Blue Under is a fun, sassy, imaginative and sweetly romantic second installment to Fennel's underwater adult fairy tale as well as a refreshing change for readers who might find themselves weary of vampires, werewolves and fallen angels."



"Wild Blue Under as it all: adventure, romance, comedy, passion and fabulous characters that you will fall in love with."



This is a fun series - the perfect get me away from my world for a bit. You simply have to suspend the believable when you read this book and let yourself be swept away by Judi Fennell's creative fantasy world of the Mer people.



"The best Mer book I've ever read."

-Rowena Cherry, author of Knight's Fork

"Bubbly fun! Judi Fennell whips together talking birds, princely peril and a sexy Mer man in this sparkling 'under the sea' tale."

-Virginia Kantra, USA Today best-selling author



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